Association of Concerned Youth in the villages of Godola and Dogba (ASSYSGOD)

The Association of Concerned Individuals in the villages of Godola and Dogba (Association des Sympatisants du Secteur Godola et Dogba), or ASSYSGOD, is an association composed of youth from two villages, Godola and Dogba, located approximately 20 km from Maroua. Today, the association consists of about 20 members that meet twice per month at the health center in Godola. ASSYSGOD has two income generation activities. The first is the cultivation of crops, such as millet, hot peppers and other vegetables. Once harvested, the crops are moved to the ABEPSA warehouse and sold at the market in Maroua. The second income generation activity is the sale of potable water. In late 2008, the local government in the area offered to donate access to the water tower in Godola, in a gesture of support for ASSYSGOD. The members of the association are now able to access the water for free and sell it for profit to members of the community. In another display of cross-network collaboration, the members of AJEPS donated their extra push carts to ASSYSGOD in order to help them launch their new activity.


EFA International supported the creation of the ASSYSGOD association through educational campaigns with local youth in the region and advocacy campaigns with local leaders and stakeholders. ASSYSGOD became an official member of the EFA Youth Empowerment Network in 2008.

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